You have the land - we have the idea: let's make some money together!

We started the RiverBeds brand in 2015 because we knew that there are much more exciting alternatives to traditional hotel accommodation – if we could only dream them up!  Plus, we recognised that travellers these days are hungry for new experiences and things that are out of the ordinary.  Since then we’ve had an intuition or two, and worked tirelessly to create an experience that customers absolutely love, with an industry-leading sales & marketing engine to match.

"The most romantic place we have ever found"
Orlando, USA
"A hot tub overhanging a river?! Perfect!"
Bordeaux, France
"We've fallen in love with these cute little lodges. . . everything was perfect"
Ayr, Scotland

Voila, RiverBeds.  Luxury wee lodges in a very special setting, with hot tubs.  Quietly sensational, and doing really rather well, thank you.

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To coincide with TripAdvisor listing us in their top 1% of accommodation worldwide, as well as “UK Top 25 Hotel for Romance”, we thought that now would be the perfect time to launch our latest innovation – RiverBeds Franchise!

The Riverbeds franchise:

Guaranteed Income

We know the market, and have complete confidence in our offering. At very minimum you will earn £3k per lodge per year.

We don't hang around

We have the resources and know-how to get your new venture up & trading quickly.

low risk revenue

Our model is tried and tested. We know what we're doing, and can fund the project should you want us to.

Customers that spend

Our customers bring with them purchasing power, which is filtered into your wider business and the local community.

No operational headaches

We can do as much or as little as you like depending on how involved you want to be in the operation.

a community asset

RiverBeds creates well-paid local jobs in your community.

a trusted brand

We have built a loyal customer base, and our offering is one that you and your stakeholders can stand behind.

RiverBeds is a family business, based on the Dragon’s Tooth Estate near Glencoe in the Scottish Highlands.  

Laurence Young, the Managing Director, is a third-generation hotelier.  He’s spent 40 years owning and operating a hotel group on the West Coast, but has now moved on to re-invent hospitality with the exciting RiverBeds concept.

Sons James and Callum bring the energy to bear on your project.

Our overall philosophy is about winning together – we want to be good friends with our business partners, and have fun together. 

Now into our highly successful third year operating RiverBeds, we know we have a proven, successful formula. 

There’s quite a bit of magic about what we do, and we are going to share this with you so we can collaborate together to create a winning business that generates long-term profit.

Remember, if it was easy then everyone would do it.  It’s only easy when you know how,  and we do.

There are some key ingredients you will have that we don’t:

  1. A river bank
  2. Power & water nearby
  3. An on-site presence

Our Operational Expertise:

Design & Installation

  1. Site review & identification
  2. Planning & legals
  3. Services (electricity, water, sewage, access)
  4. Project management
  5. Signage

Sales & Marketing Engine

  1. Sales & Marketing Plan
  2. Intelligent booking system
  3. Partnerships & Channels
  4. RiverBeds UK web site
  5. Reservation system
  6. Yield Management
  7. Social Media (google, Facebook, TripAdvisor, etc etc)
  8. PPC Advertising

Financial Control

  1. Capital & financing (lodges & site development)
  2. Cash Flow management
  3. Payment processing (credit cards etc)
  4. Routine reporting

Operational Excellence

  1. Reservations & Pre-Arrival
  2. Guest Arrival
  3. Hospitality (food & beverage?)
  4. Cleaning & maintenance
  5. Hot Tub management
  6. IT systems & development
  7. Brand Manual, standards & training

Ready to learn more?

Please call James on 0753 5643521 or Laurence on 07860 558005 and lets have that cup of coffee.